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Our Global Investigation and Security Team ensures safety for our associates, suppliers, and our shoppers — in our stores and in our offices. They investigate potential threats and risk, uphold safety protocol and procedure, and physically patrol our facilities, responding to emergency situations as needed.

  • Safety First

    Safety first

    Your number one goal is keeping everyone safe. You follow procedure to maintain order and security.

  • Analytical Mind

    Analytical mind

    You’re able to rapidly assess pressure-filled situations, forming solutions and predicting risk as you go.

  • People Passion

    People passion

    At your core, you want to help people. Making people feel comfortable and secure is what you do best.

New and exciting opportunities

  • Analyst III Global Investigations - Global Security

    Global Investigations & Security BENTONVILLE, AR
    • Analyzes and interprets integrated data and information to improve investigator efficiency and effectiveness
    • Consults with internal stakeholders and project teams through data analysis on highly complex or significant matter allegations
    • Demonstrates up-to-date expertise and applies this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans
    • Manages strategies, processes, caseloads, and analytical best practices
    • Models compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity
    • Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions
    • Provides data-based analysis and insights to drive investigative analytics strategy
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  • Temporary Coordinator- Global Security

    Global Investigations & Security BENTONVILLE, AR
    • Complete work assignments and priorities
    • Complies with company policies, procedures, and standards of ethics and integrity
    • Greet and assists associates and visitors entering lobby
    • Manages the visitor check-in and check-out process
    • Provides office and clerical support
    • Schedules and maintains equipment and meeting or break rooms
    • Supports and implements processes related to emergency situations (for example, uninvited guests, catastrophic events, evacuations) Learn More
  • Senior Manager Security Projects - Global Security

    Global Investigations & Security BENTONVILLE, AR
    Develops and manages supplier relationships by implementing supplier performance metrics; assessing supplier performance; providing performance information; recommending suggestions for non-compliance with contract terms; approving supplier invoices and audits; monitoring contracts and invoices against standards; and providing company training for contractors to ensure compliance with company procedures.

    Manages safety and security initiatives and process improvement programs by leading efforts to improve the efficiency, cost effectiveness, and timely delivery of life safety and security systems; providing guidance, coaching, and direction on security projects; guiding technical matters (for example, escalation paths, procurement procedures); and advising on feasibility and regulatory compliance of proposed initiatives.

    Oversees deployment of and maintains life safety and security systems (for example, closed circuit television (CCTV), fire alarm, intrusion detection) by making technical decisions related to existing systems; evaluating and implementing new maintenance technology and processes to prevent recurring maintenance issues; encouraging and influencing others on appropriate usage of safety and security procedures; and presenting measured findings to senior management for enterprise implementation.

    Provides supervision and development opportunities for associates by selecting and training; mentoring; assigning duties; building a team-based work environment; establishing performance expectations and conducting regular performance evaluations; providing recognition and rewards; coaching for success and improvement; and ensuring diversity awareness.

    Promotes and supports company policies, procedures, mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity by training and providing direction to others in their use and application; ensuring compliance with them; and utilizing and supporting the Open Door Policy.

    Ensures business needs are being met by evaluating the ongoing effectiveness of current plans, programs, and initiatives; consulting with business partners, managers, co-workers, or other key stakeholders; soliciting, evaluating, and applying suggestions for improving efficiency and cost effectiveness; and participating in and supporting community outreach events.

    Drives the execution of multiple business plans and projects for Security Integration Services by identifying customer and operational needs; developing and communicating business plans and priorities; removing barriers and obstacles that impact performance; providing resources; identifying performance standards; measuring progress and adjusting performance accordingly; developing contingency plans; and demonstrating adaptability and supporting continuous learning. Learn More

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