Real Estate, Construction and Realty Execution

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There are nearly 12,000 Walmart and Sam’s Club locations across the globe — and that number is steadily growing. We’re constantly scouting new areas that are more convenient for our customers and beneficial to the communities they live in — plus we love adding new innovations to our existing stores. Up for the challenge?

  • Execution Driven Thumbnail Image

    Execution driven

    You’re a meticulous planner—always thinking ahead so if something unexpected comes up, it doesn’t slow you down.

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    Work at scale

    We may support stores in a variety of ways every year but you aren't intimidated by big projects or big challenges.

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    Maintain order

    You don’t lose track of the details, even when you’re working with a large volume and at a fast pace.


Realty Execution

As a Walmart Realty Execution associate, you will revamp the look and feel of our stores, product displays and shopping experience for our customers, all while benefiting from multiple ways to accelerate your professional career in our growing departments.

Facilities Maintenance

In-house Service for General Maintenance Technicians, HVAC, Refrigeration Technicians, and Exterior Services (Landscaping) for our stores and home office buildings.

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