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Data Analytics & Data Science teams are embedded in areas like Merchandising, Human Resources, and Technology. This enables our data experts to collaborate directly with our merchants and see the application of their work first hand. With your help, we can leverage the strength of the world’s largest private database.

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    Data driven

    You’re a big fan of big data and are ready to apply this passion across the business.

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    Always curious

    You have an insatiable desire to deepen your understanding of data and its applications.

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    Unique approach

    You question the status quo and are always thinking of new ways to interpret data to unique and complex problems.

New and exciting opportunities

  • Senior Statistical Analyst, Data Analytics

    Data Analytics & Business Intelligence BENTONVILLE, AR
    Position: Senior Statistical Analyst, Data Analytics
    Job Location: Bentonville, AR
    Duties: Leads small and participates in large data analytics project teams by serving as a technical lead for analytics projects; working with project teams and business partners to determine project goals; developing contingency plans for data analysis; determining modeling based on business needs; directing the analysis of data; gathering data and developing reports as needed; utilizing business knowledge to ensure data supports project goals; analyzing data based on identified variables; reviewing data results to ensure accuracy; and communicating results and insights to the project team and business partners. Presents data insights and recommendations to key stakeholders by developing insights based on data analysis; applying analytical results to project goals; identifying trends and key insights; translating results into business actions; and presenting insights and recommendations to key stakeholders. Participates in the continuous improvement of data science and analytics by developing replicable solutions (for example, codified data products, project documentation, process flowcharts) to ensure solutions are leveraged for future projects; building and maintaining a library of reusable algorithms for future use; ensuring developed code is documented; and coaching and mentoring analysts across the division and project teams. Develops analytical models to drive analytics insights by gathering data from internal and external sources; evaluating data usability based on project goals; synthesizing data into large datasets to support project goals; developing statistical models and computational algorithms to analyze data; utilizing the analytics project lifecycle process to drive predictive modeling; coding, testing, and maintaining analytical software tools; identifying trends, patterns and discrepancies in data; training statistical models for replication for future projects; and presenting data insights and recommendations to key stakeholders. Learn More
  • Senior Manager I, Analytics

    Data Analytics & Business Intelligence BENTONVILLE, AR
    Position: Senior Manager I, Analytics
    Job Location: 702 SW 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716
    Duties: Supports strategies, processes, projects, and analytical best practices by partnering with cross-functional teams across the business, benchmarking with industry experts through continuous education, assessing key opportunities, managing the development of project plans and timelines, partnering with executives within the organization to make data-driven decisions, and identifying critical factors influencing project objectives. Serves as a key business area support partner by taking creative or novel ideas and generating a sound business case to support them, making compelling presentations to leadership in support of proposed ideas and plans in order to obtain supporting resources, and managing projects that support the implementation of creative or novel ideas. Analyzes and interprets integrated information to improve business efficiency and effectiveness by using various advanced analytic methodologies to synthesize information, developing creative solutions across business areas to meet business goals, using judgment to assign activities, and ensuring data accuracy. Provides data-based insights in support of strategic initiatives by designing statistical or heuristic models for applications involving multiple statistical techniques and/or stakeholders, coordinating the development of complete datasets necessary to support project-level models, coordinating with internal and external customers to build a consistent and accurate strategy for using functional area metrics, developing statistical or segmentation models, performing or directing analyses utilizing advanced software and techniques (for example, statistical analysis software (SAS), dynamic structured query language (SQL)), and evaluating and interpreting results accurately. Learn More
  • Sr Manager, Site Analytics

    Data Analytics & Business Intelligence SUNNYVALE, CA
    Duties: Interact with product and service teams to identify questions and issues for data analysis and experiments. Perform ad-hoc analysis by performing data analysis to answer business questions. Develop ongoing and ad-hoc reporting and analyses using BI tools (e.g., Tableau) to support product and marketing strategies. Automate data feeds to different applications using shell scripting or Perl. Model and Develop Schemas in Analytics database for Customer data frameworks. Support Site (Omniture) analytics business requirements and reporting. Deliver insights into website performance and trends. Interpret and communicate insights and findings from analysis and experiments to product, service, and business managers and leaders. Serve as an advocate for web analytics and business intelligence. This position does not supervise employees. Learn More
  • Sr. Analyst, Operations

    Data Analytics & Business Intelligence SAN BRUNO, CA
    Duties: Provide business intelligence, reporting, and analysis leveraging to site analytical systems, databases and industry data. Provide insights to optimize customer experience and maximize conversion. Support digital marketing in optimizing spend efficiency. Work with stakeholders to evolve reports and models for analytics including reporting automation via SQL, Tableau, Omniture, and Excel. Engage in critical cross department relationships with Analytic Platform, Marketing, Site Merchandising, and retail teams. Complete ad hoc analysis on a wide variety of subject matters including site analytics, marketing, and retail analysis. Perform advanced analytics such as; site analytics, segmentation, marketing channel, behavior modeling, path analysis, lifetime value, etc. Complete complex analytical topics to broad audience of peers, managers and executive committee level leadership. Learn More
  • 2017 Intern Conversion: 2018 Full-Time Sam's CTO - Sr Stat Analyst

    Data Analytics & Business Intelligence BENTONVILLE, AR
    • Demonstrates up-to-date expertise and applies this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans
    • Develops analytical models to drive analytics insights
    • Leads small and participates in large data analytics project teams
    • Models compliance with company policies and procedures and supports company mission, values, and standards of ethics and integrity
    • Participates in the continuous improvement of data science and analytics
    • Presents data insights and recommendations to key stakeholders
    • Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions
    Learn More

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