Data Analyst 3

Data Analyst 3

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This position is part of the Walmart Labs SEM Engineering team. SEM team is in charge of optimizing paid and free search for We are tasked with optimizing ad spend on RoAS while making sure as many items from our catalogue as practical get conversion, while doing it at scale, meaning, the traffic quality should be maintained regardless of amount of ad spend. We use data science methods to dynamically modify keyword and product ad bids across top search engine providers. The team is responsible for building data pipelines and API integrations enabling us to do so, with concerns of SLA and data quality squarely in focus, as well as building internal tool to provide our business partners control and visibility of SEM operations.

We are a highly motivated group of Big Data Geeks, Data Scientists and Applications Engineers, working in small agile groups to solve sophisticated and high impact problems. We use cutting edge machine learning, data mining and optimization algorithms underneath it all to analyze all this data on top of Hadoop and Spark.

As a Data Analyst, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our data scientists, business partners and systems engineers to envision and power the tools & infrastructure for this complex ecosystem. Responsibilities include generating advanced visualizations of data to uncover insights and potential features to be used by the data science algo, by architecting, executing and reporting beyond doubt results of A/B tests of various bidding strategies and formalizing attribution methods to score impact of various capabilities of PPC ads on engines. You will have a deep understanding in A/B testing and all the statistical theory supporting A/B testing. You will be comfortable working at the intersection of statistics causal inference.

We are hiring a partner to both Digital Marketing and Data Science team to provide analytic support as they evaluate strategies or validate hypothesis using our extremely diverse sets of historical data. We are looking for someone who is as comfortable working on experimentation edge cases as well as the day to day.

Minimum Qualifications

Master’s degree or equivalent in Statistics, Economics, Analytics, Mathematics or related field OR Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Statistics, Economics, Analytics, Mathematics or related field and 2 years of analytics or data science experience.
Experience working with big data systems Hadoop and Hive.
Experience writing complex queries to extract data from relational database system MySQL.
Experience with exploratory data analysis and data deep dives. Experience with creating data visualization dashboard Tableau.
Experience with setting up A/B tests.
Demonstrated knowledge of statistical modeling techniques including multivariate regression and hypothesis testing.
Demonstrated knowledge of machine learning algorithms, classification, regression, clustering, and dimensionality reduction techniques.

Preferred Qualifications

Experience with using machine learning frameworks (eg: TensorFlow) or ones provided by public clouds like GCP/Azure.
Experience with programming in Python and R.
Experience with version control systems like Git to manage code check-ins. Familiarity with Linux/Unix environments and shell scripting/automation.
Strong communication skills to drive data science projects and co-ordinating with product and business managers

About Walmart Labs

Imagine working in an environment where one experiment can catapult an entire industry toward a smarter future. That’s what we do at Walmart Labs. We’re a team of 5,000+ software engineers, data scientists, designers and product managers within Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, delivering innovations that improve how our customers shop and our enterprise operates.
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