Principal Software Engineer

Principal Software Engineer

What you'll do at

RovR team manages large scale production combinatorial optimization systems that solve several transportation optimization problems like last mile vehicle routing. We are looking for an Operations Research Scientist who can solve optimization challenges in supply chain and take the solution to production. You will be working with a team of world class researchers and engineers to solve problems like real time driver scheduling for a large fleet of vehicles. You will also get take your solution to scale leveraging the unique capabilities of Walmart’s private cloud infrastructure.

Minimum Qualifications

• Proficient coding with any of the languages: Python, R, Java, C++.
• Solid knowledge of Operations Research topics including Mixed Integer Programming, Combinatorial Optimization Problems.
• Experience of using commercial/open-source solvers such as Gurobi, Xpress, CPLEX.
• Problem solving skills / Abstract thinking – ability to understand a real-life problem, make the right judgement of problem statement, and give a feasible design of solution.


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Imagine working in an environment where one experiment can catapult an entire industry toward a smarter future. That’s what we do at Walmart Labs. We’re a team of 5,000+ software engineers, data scientists, designers and product managers within Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, delivering innovations that improve how our customers shop and our enterprise operates.

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