Sri Vegi Receives Women in Technology Award

Sri Vegi Receives Walmart Women in Technology Award

Sri Vegi has inspired many Walmart associates. Recently, Walmart Women in Technology (WWiT) recognized her trailblazing spirit, honoring her with the “Be Heard” award.

What was your life like before Walmart?

I am from Andra Pradesh, India. My husband Ravi and I have been married for 10 years and we have two kids, four and six years old. I received my Bachelor of Technology in Computer science from Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, then started my career as a Java Developer atFour Soft. I worked for TCS and Accenture India, then as a consultant for Computer Associates in Long Island before joining Walmart eight in 2008.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

I have been in Infrastructure Middleware for eight years. I started designing and building the WebSphere infrastructure for various applications and then moved to Operations to support various Middleware technologies.

My current position is Senior Technical Expert in Server and Middleware Operations. I improve operational performance and save costs by stabilization and modernization. With the transition to cloud computing, I am truly grateful and excited to be part of the Walmart technology journey.

Please tell us more about the “Be Heard” award from Walmart Women in Technology.

I am honored and appreciative for receiving this significant award alongside a group of talented and influential women. I feel this award is a result of all the amazingly talented associates who inspire and motivate me to do my best.

I must say I am grateful to be part of the Walmart Women mentorship circles. They helped me a lot in my personal and professional growth. It is always inspirational to hear from great women leaders when they share their experiences. Their advice on leadership and personal development offers me the opportunity to reflect on my own experiences and my own life.

Sri Vegi Receives Walmart Women in Technology Award
"I feel this award is a result of all the amazingly talented associates who inspire and motivate me to do my best."
— Sri V., Technical Expert

How do you stay current with new technologies?

I love reading. I read tech news sites, blogs, user communities and subscribe to interesting magazines and newsletters. Those provide me with regular updates on the latest tech trends. Also, I enjoy meeting with associates across different areas to just talk about what’s going on in technology.

What advice do you have for young associates on how to build their skills and stay current?

  1. Schedule time daily or weekly for reading. I know it is challenging but it is very important to stay current. I always try to devote some time to read after my kids go to bed.
  2. Find the best sources of information. Tap into existing networks and look for mentors in addition to online sources like blogs, tech websites, magazines, and podcasts.
  3. Become an expert at something you are good at. This provides both confidence and precious opportunities to gain credibility and visibility in the field.

What mentoring tips do you have?

  1. Be curious and keep learning.
  2. Take on additional challenges at work.
  3. Invest in your strengths, as it leads to more success (and adds a lot of fun).
  4. Bring your whole self to work.
  5. Find something you enjoy doing. Work hard at it to develop a reputation in the field.

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Shilpa Penkar is a Systems Analyst on Walmart’s Cloud Enablement Operations team. She’s a passionate member of Walmart’s Asian-Pacific Resource Network (APAN), and a regular contributor to the Walmart Careers blog.

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