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When you visit Walmart, you’ll see more opportunities than you can imagine. We promote more than 517 people every single day, and 38% of promotions go to first-year associates! Plus, complete our training program and you’ll gain important skills and an opportunity to boost your paycheck.

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    What you earn

    Your start rate will be at least $11.00 per hour, and could be higher depending on your location, grade level, and experience.

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    When you work

    We offer flexible schedules that are based on providing the best shopping experience for our customers.

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    How you grow

    If you want to do more, we’ll help you get there—65% of our managers started their careers as hourly associates. (As of 1/31/19)

Store Positions

  • Cashier & Front End

    Help shape our customers’ experience.

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    Cashier & Front End

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  • Cart Attendant & Janitorial

    Ensure we have a clean store, inside and out.

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    Cart Attendant & Janitorial

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  • Stocker, Backroom, & Receiving

    Keep shelves stocked for our customers.

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    Stocker, Backroom, & Receiving

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  • Sales Associate

    Help customers find what they need.

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    Sales Associate

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  • Fresh Food Associate

    Guarantee high-quality food is always ready.

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    Fresh Food Associate

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  • Specialized Roles

    Have a special skill or interest? Work in Asset Protection, Auto, Pharmacy, or Vision.

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    Specialized Roles

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  • Hourly Supervisor & Training

    Career opportunities in supervisory and training roles include multiple areas within the store such as Human Resources, Ecommerce, Customer Service, Grocery, Academy, Apparel, Automotive, Electronics, Pharmacy, Backroom, Receiving, Fresh, Sales Floor, and Asset Protection.

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    Hourly Supervisor & Training

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  • Remodel Associate

    Keeps shelves stocked and customers happy during a store remodel with this 12-week job.

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    Remodel Associate

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Investing in our people


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