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When you visit Walmart, you’ll see more opportunities than you can imagine. We promote more than 400 people every single day, and 40% of promotions go to first-year associates! Plus, complete our training program and you’ll gain important skills and an opportunity to boost your paycheck.

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    What you earn

    Your start rate will be at least $11.00 per hour, and could be higher depending on your location, grade level, and experience.

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    When you work

    We offer flexible schedules that are based on providing the best shopping experience for our customers.

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    How you grow

    If you want to do more, we’ll help you get there—70% of our managers started their careers as hourly associates.

Store Positions

  • Cashier & Front End

    Help shape our customers’ experience.

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    Cashier & Front End

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  • Cart Attendant & Janitorial

    Ensure we have a clean store, inside and out.

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    Cart Attendant & Janitorial

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  • Stocker, Backroom, & Receiving

    Keep shelves stocked for our customers.

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    Stocker, Backroom, & Receiving

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  • Sales Associate

    Help customers find what they need.

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    Sales Associate

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  • Fresh Food Associate

    Guarantee high-quality food is always ready.

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    Fresh Food Associate

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  • Specialized Roles

    Have a special skill or interest? Work in Asset Protection, Auto, Pharmacy, or Vision.

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    Specialized Roles

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  • Department Manager

    Manage your department and lead associates.

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    Department Manager

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  • Remodel Associate

    Keeps shelves stocked and customers happy during a store remodel with this 12-week job.

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    Remodel Associate

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Investing in our people


Associates promoted in 2016

  • 200

    Walmart Academies opening

  • 225k

    Graduates expected by end 2017

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