Endless Possibilities with Temporary Services

Endless Possibilities with Walmart Temporary Services

Stephanie, Temporary Services – Stephanie has held multiple positions at Walmart, primarily working in human resources roles. As the current manager of temporary services, she is responsible for driving talent acquisition for hiring temporary associates across all Walmart corporate divisions.

If you’re like most jobseekers I talk with, you don’t think of a temporary job as the first step toward a long-term career. But if it’s a Walmart temporary job, you should. I work with temporary associates every day who are turning part-time jobs into full-time, permanent positions. In fact, 74% of temporary associates hired in 2012 were offered and accepted full-time roles. For hundreds of people each year, temporary positions at the Walmart Home Office in Bentonville create countless possibilities.

One of our primary goals at Walmart Temporary Services is to give temporary hires the tools and experience they need to succeed. Our company relies on temporary associates and, therefore, helps them discover their passions and chart their own career paths. Here are a few things to know about working with Walmart as a temporary associate:

  1. Walmart invests heavily in temporary associates. All temporary associates take part in the same onboarding and orientation process as full-time hires. They receive the associate discount and can participate in the company’s stock purchase plan with the same company match as full-time hires. Not to mention the career events, resume development and career counseling we offer at the Home Office.
  2. Temporary associates have freedom to explore new areas. Being a temporary associate at Walmart means being able to work across industries and gain unparalleled experiences that help make a difference for our company and our customers. We encourage associates to step outside of the box and find jobs most people never knew existed at Walmart.
  3. Temporary associates are a part of the Walmart team. We consider our temporary associates to be part of our Walmart family. That’s why we offer them chances to network throughout the company, which makes transitioning to a full-time position easier.

The Walmart Temporary Services team specializes in jobs that allow for flexibility and a supportive environment. When you combine that with career growth options that only Walmart can provide, you have the making of an opportunity of a lifetime.

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