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On Memorial Day 2013, we took a stand and made the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment, guaranteeing a position to every veteran honorably discharged from that day forward. Since then, we’ve hired over 180,000 veterans and promoted 24,000 more. We're not stopping. We're now committed to hiring 250,000 veterans by 2020.

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What the Commitment means

Have you been honorably discharged from the U.S. military since Memorial Day 2013 and do you meet our standard hiring criteria? If so, there's a position for you at Walmart or Sam's Club.
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If you were discharged after Memorial Day 2013, you aren't eligible for the Commitment. However, you are a highly desirable candidate based on your training and experience. Thousands of veterans have discovered what's next for them at Walmart. With a broad range of opportunities, you can find yours too.
  • Retail Management
  • Retail Hourly
  • Logistics
  • Corporate
  • Technology
  • Students

Retail Management

  • Financial Skills
  • Problem-solving skills
When you take the lead in one of our stores, it’ll be up to you to guarantee that our corporate mission is carried out every day. Use the leadership and integrity the military instilled in you to bring the best out of your team and continue to develop your own career.
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Military veteran working as a Walmart store manager

Retail Hourly

  • Motivated Attitude
  • Task/project management
  • Service-oriented personality
With true flexibility, available leadership positions and a team that fully supports veterans, you’ll find that our hourly retail opportunities are the right way to launch a civilian career. Plus, we’ll add our own extensive training to your service-learned skills – giving you plenty of opportunity to grow.
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Military veteran working in Walmart store


  • Communication skills
  • Collaborative attitude
  • computer skills
Joining a distribution center means being at the center of a massively orchestrated operation. You’ll drive efficiencies and get our merchandise to designated targets, serving millions of customers in a world-class supply chain.
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Military veteran working in logistics


  • Motivated attitude
  • Task/project management
  • Service-oriented personality
At our Corporate offices, you’ll tackle massive and complex challenges alongside a team of dedicated people. And the work you do will impact millions all over the world – from our customers and their communities to our associates themselves.
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Military veterans working for Walmart corporate


  • Adaptable/innovative
  • Task/project management
  • Collaborative attitude
From Silicon Valley-based Walmart eCommerce to our IT teams at the Home Office, technology careers at Walmart offer a chance to develop never-before-seen solutions to Fortune 1-sized challenges. Join a team of 6,700 technological pioneers blurring the line between online and in-store.
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Military veteran working on Walmart technology team


In college or recently graduated? We have several internship and recent graduate opportunities.
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Military student on campus
Walmart Military Community Ceremony

Join our military community

Hear about our latest opportunities, get tips on applying your service-learned skills to a civilian job, read success stories from other veterans and more.
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