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Jessica Crow and the VWHC

Walmart's Veterans Welcome Home Commitment changed Jessica Crow's life

When I told my mom I was thinking about the military, her first response was, “Heck no.” I’m sure a lot of you heard that too. But when I was trying to figure out college, an ROTC flyer changed my life – and eventually mom’s opinion. The ROTC turned into eight years in the military where I toured in Iraq and Afghanistan before I got out.

Transitioning back was difficult, to say the least. My military background had a lot to offer in leadership, adaptability and standing out. I was going to career workshops, paying people to look at my resume and applying to over 50 companies. It was serious work that I was putting into it, and I never got a single interview in return. It wasn’t fun.

Finally, my brother suggested I join him at Walmart, and nearly three years after I first came home, I had my interview. I started as a Development Store Manager, and it was kind of creepy how similar Walmart and the military were in terms of structure and hierarchy. Sure, it’s retail – but the way they built their structure felt the same to me.

Why am I sharing all of this with you? Because Walmart has a program called the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment. Veterans honorably discharged since Memorial Day 2013 don’t have to struggle like I did. Instead, Walmart will guarantee you a position just as long as you meet the standard hiring criteria. It’s really, sincerely just that simple.

Once upon a time, my brother helped me, and now I want to pay that forward to you. At Walmart, there are opportunities to do almost anything. If you’re a pilot, you can fly a plane for Walmart. There are careers in Technology, Logistics, Corporate – there’s so much more than you might first think.

In the end, it’s a company that makes me proud because it’s a company that knows what we can bring to the table. And that they’re better off with us at their table. Let’s show them they’re right.

– Jessica Crow Director of Implementation and Sustainment, Walmart
Captain, U.S. Army


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