Txt Technology

Technology is integrated into every aspect of your life –communication, organization, and shopping all occur right at our fingertips. This means updating and sharing your birthday wish list from your mobile device or skipping the long checkout line while in store is possible because of technologist like you. It can also mean something so innovative that we need a brilliant mind like yours to develop it. 

Retail Technology

Technology is redefining retail.  At Walmart it’s driving the way we think about store operations, ecommerce, our supply chain and our customers. We believe the customer should never experience the complexity and delineation between the digital experience and the in store experience.  We work with some of the smartest people in the industry to write code and build apps that allow customers to shop anytime and anywhere. 

There’s nothing typical about Walmart’s Retail Tech team.  Our seasoned developers work alongside new engineering and technology grads to develop programs that impact millions of customers and more than 11,000 stores and clubs.  As we continue to grow we’re always looking for inspired professionals with more than one year of experience working in a tech-focused environment, including internships.  Join our team as a programmer analyst, developer or technical engineer, and build your career with us.

Txt Science

The only graduate degree level mathematics and statistician opportunity at Walmart is reserved for top of the class talent.  But if you’re a data scientist your familiar with the competitive nature of the market –you have so much to contribute and so many opportunities to choose from. So, where do you begin?  Walmart, of course.  We’ve got the largest privately owned data sets in the industry.  And if that’s not persuasive enough, it may help to understand the impact of your work –helping the world’s largest retailer better understand the needs of our boss, the customer.


Math and science are not at the periphery of business strategy and operations, it is at the center of everyday decisions.

Analytics Rotation Program (ARP)

Data insights and analysis is key to every business decision in a rapidly changing and competitive retail environment. During the 12-month ARP, your skills will benefit multiple business areas. Contribute your insights capabilities to the critical Walmart divisions that need it most. 

This is an advanced-degree program. For consideration, applicants must be completing an MA or MS degree program or greater. Apply during the fall academic semester. The best time to apply is September – November. Interviews are conducted on college campuses and at national collegiate organizations during the fall and early spring. Cohorts start in July and August.   


  • Recent graduates of an accredited MA or MS degree program in mathematics, engineering, predictive analytics, econometrics, analytics, data science or business analytics
  • 3.5 GPA or higher

Txt Engineering

Because merchandising is the heart of our business and at the center of what every team member does –we are all merchants! Through our supply chain we’re able to deliver quality, unique and affordable goods to families across the world. But we need engineers and supply chain students like you to help redefine the process and continue to grow our success.

For millions of people across the country, it’s difficult to consider life without access to goods.  Our very complex and industrial process gets the most valuable goods where they matter most –to the customer. The ability to plan for customer demand and move product quickly and efficiently has long been the key to Walmart’s success. 

Merchandising and logistics go hand-in-hand. It takes an engineer like you to maximize efficiency in our supply chain.

Replenishment Leadership Program (RLP)

Merge your supply chain skills and business acumen through practical experience and classroom instruction at the world’s largest retailer and manager of the most complex distribution network. The six-month leadership program starts your career journey as a salaried replenishment manager at our Home Office. During this time you’ll work closely with our buyers, suppliers, and logistics team to engineer processes that assure every product is on the shelf exactly when it needs to be.


The best time to apply for this program is September – November.  Apply through your college or university’s Department of Career Services. Interviews are conducted on college campuses and at national collegiate organizations during the fall and early spring semester. Cohorts start in January, June and September.


  • Strategic thinkers and problem solvers with applicable coursework, basic financial acumen and strong communication skills
  • Bachelor's degree with 3.0 GPA or higher in business, accounting, logistics/supply chain, operations management, industrial engineering, statistics or related field
  • Experience with Excel, or technical skills such as data mining and analysis