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  • Nicole, Merchandising

    Each day, I am challenged by a team of talented people. I bring my best every day for them.

    I'm Making Better Possible.

    Nicole, Marketing

Change the way people shop – 1,000,000,000 at a time – at eCommerce.

As consumers evolve, eCommerce is taking the lead in rethinking what shopping can be for customers around the world. We are combining online, mobile, social and physical stores to give customers an “anytime, anywhere” shopping experience.

Our eCommerce business is aggressively growing our pool of talent and technology infrastructure. @WalmartLabs is the technology group in eCommerce and is an innovation hub. We have grown our teams organically and through targeted acquisitions to boost our strengths in mobile, big data and social. Instead of making incremental improvements, we look to skip generations in technology and put ourselves out in front.

We are in-sourcing key technology – like our global technology platform and search engine – so that Walmart is not just another retailer using other people’s technology, but rather a leader that owns core eCommerce technologies. in the U.S. allows customers to choose whether they have orders shipped to their home or a nearby store. And, we are making shopping easier through products like our new home page and Pay With Cash. We’ve created new pricing tools at to ensure we are delivering the lowest prices on the products our customers want most.

With our trusted brand and billions of weekly shopper experiences, you can really make an impact at eCommerce.


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